A New Luxury Art Blog Connecting Interior Designers and Artists Makers

Welcome to Lets Get Original!

Lets Get Original is a curated art resource to engage, connect, and build community between Interior Designers and Artist Makers.

My unwavering mission is to encourage Interior Designers to use works of art in their projects that are produced by career studio artists. With real art, there is a real person and a real story.

If you are not an interior designer, but love art and home decor ideas, this is the place for you! Welcome!

Inventory wall at Chihuly's BoatHouse and Hot Shop
Inventory wall at Chihuly’s BoatHouse and Hot Shop

Some of the artists’ works I feature will be affordable, most are not. Lets Get Original is a site for aspirational and very special works that are hard to find. ¬†Once you see them, they are hard to forget.

Designers, once you watch a video of an artist creating a beautiful object, you will want real art for your interior projects, and for your own home.

I’m in Montana this week, North Carolina next week, and in Paris for Maison Objet early in September.

Lets Get Original will feature amazing artist makers creating beautiful objects.

I have so many artists to introduce to you!