Let’s Get Original’s core NEW mission is to connect artists with Interior Designers to collaborate on new product for the home decor and home furnishings market.

Originally Let’s Get Original’s vision was to offer art work created by career studio artists directly to the interior design professional through a B2B platform. After considerable thought I have put the exclusive product that will immediately be available back in development as Phase 2 of Let’s Get Original’s NEW mission.

Occasionally I have the restless desire in What’s Next? Those ideas generated projects and give Let’s Get Original’s an added depth of professional contacts, wider recognition in the art community, authentic engagement with amazing artists and serious fun.

One of Let’s Get Original’s project sparked from an idea is the Artist In Residence program. Check out the blog posting on the residency program here. The inaugural residency at Century Furniture in Hickory, NV was so successful, it is now an ongoing program for them. View the press release.

Another great idea which is now in full speed ahead development, is a museum retrospective scheduled for early 2019 for an amazing undiscovered contemporary folk inspired woman artist. I can’t tell you her name, but as soon as the exhibit venues are secured I will send and post the press release.

I am honored and energized each day to have a number of creative projects moving forward, and you know what the best thing about this is? The artists. The inspiration, the friendships, and the intellectual curiosity from working with them is priceless. It’s my world. I am so blessed.

The Andrea Projects is the exciting ideation parent company of Let’s Get Original.