Let’s Get Original Has a New Mission

Let’s Get Original is transitioning to an off-line personal behind-the-scenes artist representative platform representing artists to the Interior Design Trade only. There is nothing like Let’s Get Original. It is personal, authentic, trusted, and committed to both artists and the interior designer.

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Artists are as unique as their work. I do not have a one size fits all template to lock anyone into. Each agreement for representation to the trade will be based upon our personal conversations and a studio visit. My approach is personal, cultivating authentic connections to interior designers and their projects where I think your work would be perfect placed.

I am seeking the highest quality of work with an aesthetic that I believe upon first glance has the WOW factor. Being represented by Let’s Get Original will not compromise your gallery representation. Let’s talk.


Personal Note: You may have noticed I have not posted for almost a year. I did my last posting laying on my sofa, computer on my lap, after blowing out my knees. One surgery down, one more to go. I’ll spare you the details.

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