David Ryan’s Abstracts Fill A Room With Pleasure

I am honored to introduce you to David Ryan, an intriguing internationally exhibited artist who lives and works in Las Vegas.

David’s design aesthetic is strong, with his sculptural paintings pack a dramatic punch. David Ryan’s works are perfect art resources for interior designers.

Sword by David Ryan
Sword by David Ryan                                      12.5″x24″x2.75″
Sword (side-view)
Sword (side-view)

If you know anything at all about fine art, you know that abstract is one of the most difficult styles to do well.

An abstract begs for immediate judgement.  In the flash of a nano second, your brain registers whether you love it or hate it.  David nails it. Your brain loves it.

From Bar To Street To Book
From Bar To Street To Book            21″x25″x2.25″

David paints individual layers of a high density, light yet durable material and arranges the 3-D assemblages into abstract sculptural paintings with a strong nod to abstract expressionism.

SS-192                                   60″x44″x3.25″

Stunning!    David is a Texan, born and bred. After earning a BFA from the University of Texas, Austin, he moved to Las Vegas and earned an MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, UNLV.

SSN-713                                     35.5″x36.25″x3″

David studied at UNLV under Dave Hickey at the time when Dave and Libby Lumpkin reigned at UNLV.  Together, Dave and Libby undeniably influenced several rising stars in the art world.

Stack-#5                                                15.5″x20″x2.25″

I love this one! It’s so clever. Consider what a fantastic entry statement this art work would make!


Traced Pascali
Traced Pascali                               36″x117″x2.5″

Multiples cascaded across a wall makes a spectacular statement.

Ultra & Neon
Ultra & Neon                               20″x26″x3″
Traced Gesture
Traced Gesture

David’s work is impeccable and perfectly constructed, with a simple installation system on the back.

Traced Gesture #5A (side detail)
Traced Gesture #5A (side detail)

David’s works range from $6,000 to more than $30,000. David is represented in galleries  in LA, NYC, and Paris.  If you would like to contact David about availability of any of the works you see, or a commission, you can reach David at  dvdrion@me.com

n2y0.com/?s=10637                          20″x18″x2.5″


Yes, that’s the title, I didn’t screw up. David obviously is playing with us, but would you want a work by a boring artist?

FAC63                                     20″x24″x2.25″


You may not have NOTICED if I didn’t point it out,  but David is the artist in my blog header.

David Ryan working in his Las Vegas studio
David Ryan working in his Las Vegas studio

David does commissions, and I encourage you to contact him if you have  interest in speaking with him with an idea for a project.  Beautiful Objects for Beautiful Projects!

Check out this amazing video by Eric Minh Swenson of David’s work process. It’s 3:15 min, make sure you check it out when you have the time!

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