Let’s Get Original’s core mission is to connect artists with Interior Designers to collaborate on products for the home decor and home furnishings market.

Designers are always looking for fresh new fabulous products with soul and a story to incorporate into their lifestyle brand. Creatives working together result in compelling unique product.

“A fabulous product with a strong story that includes brand heritage and artisan development has become the price of entry for luxury brands today. ” Robin Lewis, the Robin Report  2015 Luxury Disruption Chaos & Hope, Sept 13th, 2015

Artists ignore trends. Designers know the direction and aesthetics that is needed to align with their brands, and magic happens in a collaboration.

Let’s Get Original will not conflict with an artist’s collector base or your gallery representation, it will only enhance your profile.

If you are a studio artists that has developed a style and voice in your field and you are interested in exploring a collaboration with a designer’s lifestyle brand, let’s have a conversation.

If we work together I can promise you a high quality experience that will be more fun than you ever imagined. Here are compelling reasons to consider that will enhance your career as an artist

  • Access to a sales channel unavailable to you elsewhere
  • Marketing exposure through designer events
  • Placement of your art work in high-profile residential and hospitality design spaces
  • Original educational content written expressly for design professionals and home decor and home furnishings industry
  • Potential Artist-in-Residence programs in a home goods manufacturer
  • Enhance your profile as an artist and open doors to new opportunities

The original art for the background on Let’s Get Original was created by Anne Lemanski.